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Tuesday the 15th of December 2009
One of the biggest problems with being an adult is the responsibility you have to others. Wow, what I would give to drop all my obligations to other people and just do what the hell I want. It's not even a money issue, though that IS a big part of it. Even if I had all the money in the world, I would still have to visit people and such. Like most artists, I just want to be left alone with my work.

Wait...Is that what most artists want? I mean, it make sense to me. There's a piece of paper and and pencil, and I really don't need anything else. But Poet worries about how we'll live the next year and my family left in Oklahomaphobic wants to see me and my niece is still struggling with cancer and needs support. I'm not complaining. This is a normal life given the average American, but if this is average, is this what other artists experience?

Also, jobs. Jobs, in my mind, are there so I can eat and draw. I don't plan far enough ahead to think about retirement. The job is there to serve my purpose. But I have to work for both Poet and myself, leaving no time for 'arting.' What's worse is it makes the arting feel like a liability and I often forget that I'm working to art. If only drawing could be the job.

Well, anyway, I'm off to draw some more before X-mas. Thanks for reading my little rant.

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