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Thursday the 26th of November 2009
Happy Gluttony Day, everybody! May you all suffer the pain of full bellies and roll around on the floor going "Oooooohh!" hee hee.

Meanwhile, I'v noticed that, yeah, if I want to finish the last bits of Legion Natchian by the end of the yeah, I really gotta get cracking and *le gasp* kick out more than three comics a week. Considuring my net connection is gratefully free at the moment, I've nothing to honestly bitch about. Alas, I love bitching.

Moooooo'ving on.

There's a metric fuck-ton of food down stairs. Usually, my in laws have fed me to the point of breaking, and I've easily gained 30 lbs during last month binge. Now it's Gluttony Day, and I fear for my life. This may be the moment they decide I'm plump enough to sell my fatty bits to hot-dog factories. heaven help me.

Well, Peace Ouch, me homies. New comic on Saturday to counter my slowness, yo.

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