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Monday the 16th of November 2009
Taped to my wall is a design page which is something unusual to my semi-occupation, but I've been studying “Making Comics” by Scott McCloud since I've moved to Maryland and thought it should do me well to have at least some sense of consistency. Ooo, and I got the “Necornomicon, Commemorative Edition, Best of Weird Tales by H. P. Lovecraft. It is a huge volume of horror stories much to my liking.

Basically, things have changed, and I'm just now getting into the routine of things. Uggh. Routine.

Meanwhile, I've noticed, as you undoubtedly have, the complete lack of Crystal and her conclusion, but you will have to wait, dear friends, for satisfactory closure. The more I tried to work on her story, the more lost I became. It is difficult to recall what I had planned for the tale and how it should end. I decided it best to put it aside for now. I have other comics in similar limbo to atend to, but first, I really MUST get The House that XXXX Built finished first. If I'm lucky, I'll have it over by New Years.

Wish me luck.

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