The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 13th of October 2009
Hey there. Remember me? Yeah, I bet you thought I forgot. Nope. Not Natchian Spiral Day. Today is the day you should wear a Spiral on your hand and high-five other Natchians at School/Work/Correctional Facility/Asylum. Today's the day to fuck with people. O_O Starting a fight is fine, but rather unimaginative. We're not Fight Club.

^_^ So go project In the Mouth of Madness on the side of your dorm building, or write random math formulas on the chalk board in English.

Me? I'm staring at the chins of everyone I have a conversation with. Every time they stop mid-sentence I pull out a clicker to help count. I'll tell you my score tomorrow.

Bonus: Every teenage girl at the mall you see? Wince or recoil from her, like you would a burn victim. I wanna know how many check their face in a mirror. Or put your hand on there shoulder and say “You poor thing.”^_^

Happy Natchian Spiral Day!

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