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Tuesday the 11th of August 2009
A little update in quick format.

Lot's a crazy and I'm in a hurry. So much so that I'm just typing this directly into the database.

For one week, last week, my fiends, GF, and I have been working our asses off trying to a) get a yard sale going the likes of which I've never seen, and b) dealing with the first gallery show I've ever had. Hijionx ensue.

On sauday, I did nothing, and monday it was right back to work. This plus moving into Hotel Chuck sort of depleated all my energy. I still draw at work (no biggy, I think) but I haven't even checked my email, and have no idea what's going on the forums.

Aaaaaand, with that I dress up and go to work. 12 hour days suck, but the money is SO delicious.

Peace ouch, yo.

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