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Wednesday the 29th of July 2009
When I was a little kid, I used to bury treasure in this little chest in the back yard and dig it up latter. Now, the box holds some pretty important things to me. Today, I just showed the box to Poet. Before, the only thing she knew about that box was that she shouldn't open it. <_< Well, I'm moving, and I felt, I might as well find it and show it to her in case we lose it.

Moving sucks, because there's so much I must sell and give away. My old sketches, for example, and my billion of half finished sketch books. 9_9 Donno what I'm gonna do with those. Prolly sell them, too.

But the stinger was my comics. I have gathered together a specific selection of comicbooks and saddly went through them to decided which one's to sell and which to keep. Of course, Fat Freddy's Cat, Original Badger comics, and my David Mack comics are all keepers, but that means I had to sacrafice Oh My Goddess, Excalibur, and Ugh, my precious Ruse comics.


Moving Sucks.

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