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Tuesday the 14th of July 2009
You're first reaction, I'm sure, it to claim that I am late, but nowhere on my website does it say WHEN I will update. Ha ha! Where's your God now?!

Been watching the PBS special “Make 'Em Laugh.” If you have not seen, I highly recommend it. It's a history of comedians and what they left on the world. Tonight's episode included Mae West and how she fought censorship is clever ways. (example, the script would read stale, but the way she read it made it sound like a vagina). I think I saw Hugh Hefner say “She could make a phone book sound sexy.”

I'm a fan of the classics so of course I know West and her famous one-liners. I practicly grew up on “When I'm good I'm really good, but when I'm bad I'm better.” I did not know that line “The hard man is good to find.” Heh.

And so they moved through the history of comedians v.s. FCC. Richard Prior, George Carlin, Liney Bruce. Great stuff. Check it out.

Next comic on Thursday.

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