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Wednesday the 8th of July 2009
It is 3:33am and I have been up for 21 hours with 6 more before I can sleep. Forgive me if I'm nessed up a bit. Ugh. Coffee's waring out.

Meanwhile, Victoria, author of Jump and Lola which, if you haven't read, you should. Anywho, she will dine on a healthy dose of Natch Evil stickers and a print of Saff. 9_9 Neither of which I have on the shop, yet.

Oh god, I'm tired.

So, um...You guiys seen that thing? Wasn't that great? I love how the death of a celebrity can be as popular as a rock concert. ^_^ Pop starts should die more often. Think of the money!

O_O I'm looking at YOU Britney. No really. I can't stop.

K, I'm just gonna go over there and finish drawing Friday's comic.

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