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Friday the 3rd of July 2009
Chances are very good that Monday will be a filler thing of July Four Spectacular, mostly because instead of drawing, like I should be, I will instead be at my Mom's place back in Springhill watching fireworks go off and watching the geese freak out about it like they do every year. Whee!

The contest, if you haven't heard or are just ignoring all text under the comic, is going well, tho not a lot of people have voted yet. Come on! Did I offend you or something? You got an account on the manor, use it! ^_^ Plus the comics are great looking!

Meanwhile, I have discovered a new puzzle for my brain that hurts it in weird ways call This Is Not Tom, a sort of puzzle in a book in a puzzle. The mystery alone is enough to make me think. And I wanna know who tom is, since all I know is that isn't him...or possibly Her. I have yet to discover if Tom is or is not a tranny. God I wish I was a Nerd Fighter.

Anyway, things on the interwebs like “This is not Tom” is the kind of thing that makes me wish I did mysterious things like that, but I'm not nearly as clever and, instead, will have to subtle with the riddles I've been leaving in the House that XXXX Built. Have YOU figured out the code, yet? HAVE YOU?!?!?!

No, I guess not. No one ever does.

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