The Mike Says...
Monday the 29th of June 2009
Hey, guess what? Tomorrow's the LAST DAY for the Stupid Basics Contest. You got it ready? Good! ^_^ Send them my way.

Hey, midnight is the dead line. After Midnight, I'm closing the doors, but you got time. 20 panels isn't a lot, just let it flow out'a your head.

Know what I do, sometimes? I like to go to Whataburger and get a large coke, sit down, and just pencil away. Spent hours at a time at that southern burger joint. Good stuff.

Well, if your drawing the comic, your drawing the comic. And if your late, I can slip you in as an honorable mention, but you gotta be in by Midnight tomorrow if you want the stickers and the print.

That's Midnight Central time.

Good Luck.

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