The Mike Says...
Friday the 26th of June 2009
Alright, listen up.

Next week has the due date for the Stupid Basics Contest. I don't care how it looks, guys, just send send SEND! The doors close at midnight at the end of the month, and if I don't see mail in my in box my then, I can't put up your comic on my website for judgment.

Hey you! Yeah, the perfectionist. It doesn't have to look great, we're just interested in Story and Expresion. Do Jazz, man. Let the comic flow out of you. Run that story in your head a couple of times then put pencil to paper and see what happens! Or do what I do. Just draw. Don't worry about what it is. It's like free writing with sketches.

Got stuck in the middle of the story? Put down the pencil for a sec and go get yourself a drink, or a snack. Just drop it out of your mind for a sec and come back after your break. Works every time.

The goal here is just to flow out your story. Kind of like a mini 24 Hour comic.

You can do this. Anyone can. All you need is MSpaint or a way to scan in pages at your local copy-shop.

Now come on. Let's see what you got.

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