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Wednesday the 17th of June 2009
Sometime after High School, I've become aware that the world was ending.

I'm not trip'n, the world just started ending as soon as I became aware of the news. Y2K, Terrorism, the fall of towers, car Jacking, Ilea gal Immigrants, and everyone still has nukes, despite a decade of promises that they'de get rid of the damned things. When did this start? When did the world start ending? Was it going on before I got out of high school?

I'm reminded of the MIB movie, where Tommy Lee Jones is yelling that the world is always ending. Be it Alien invasion, political fiasco, or whatever, the world is in infinite crisis. I guess humanity need the end to be near. There needs to be on on coming appocolypes that will destroy life as we know it. Everyone will die and there will be no survivors. The Earth will apearently be a single floating burned out rock as we imagine new ways to set fire to it.

In 2012, just so you know, nothing will happen.

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