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Monday the 8th of June 2009
Okay, seriously, if your not on the Manor, just remember Saffron is the main character of the comic. The Manor Button is on your left. I'm gonna keep reminding you all until the deadline on June 30th.

So, in my house, we have a rule. Every TV show gets one. There's always time to give a TV show one episode before we decide if it's good or not.

And now, my new love is Cheaters. I know what's your going to say. “But, Mike, CHEATERS is fucking awesome! I WISH TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR NEWSLETTER!” And you'd be right. It's all thanks to Joey Greco.

In the episode I saw, the boyfriend who was cheating on this girl got really mad, kicked out a window, then slugged the girl! There was blood on the concrete, which is awesome in itself, but that's when Joey Greco pounced on the guy with his forearm, HIS FUCKING FOREARM, on the dude's throat! Joey said “Settle down.” in a voice calm enough to send shivers down Hanible Lecter's spine.

That's when the escaped tiger jumped at them from the zoo, and Greco tazed it in the face like Samuel Jackson from Snake on a Plane, and then kicked it 10 feet off the ground. As a follow up, Greco rescued a baby from a burning building on a train wreck at the bottom of the Pacific by walking across water and healing two lepers.

The bloody-faced and cheated on girlfriend said “Thank you, Joey Greco. You've saved the world again.” Joey replied with that cool emotionless tone that Berry White always dreamed of having “All part of the job, ma'am.” The rain clouds parted as he flew into the sky onto his next adventure, the Amazon Moon Men!

Joey Greco was stabbed, BTW. True story. With a 4 inch knife on a boat. Fortunately his abdominal mussels deflect bullets and fear.

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