The Mike Says...
Friday the 5th of June 2009
Alright Alright Alright.

So, Sims 3 is a damn addictive game, and worse yet, my drawing computer is the only one that can play it. It's rough, mostly because, when I'm playing, I don't notice how crazy fast time passes by. I mean, they allow you to customize everything, so I, being an artist, customize EVERYTHING!

But I'm impressed. If the second game is about socializing, the third is about community. The Better control over personality means you can basically pull your favorite sims from 2 to three, so I can play Spoony Dresdon and Jerry Henruh again. ^_^ Spoony's the Hotness.

Generally, it's an awesome game, but it's one of those games that destroys your personal life, cuz you don't talk/visit/work anymore.

<_< Um...More on that later...As I have a GREAT need to go back.

It's like digital crack, this game.

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