The Mike Says...
Friday the 29th of May 2009
I'm baffled by the concept of “High Art” because of my definition of art. I was once asked, being and “artist,” whether I thought porn was obscenity or art to which my answer was “That's stupid. Obscenity IS art.”

What truly makes me angry is the fact that so many people see art in so many places and think “I can't do that. I can barely draw a stick figure.” Um...Hello? Am I the only one that has read OotS? What the hell is wrong with Stick Figures?

Well now there's comics. All a comic is is a story. Hell, Man, you don't even have to draw stick figures to make a story. Can you write? Write letters in the kingdom of "Alphabet" and the stories there in. Or you can draw numbers as they try sort out the bizarre serial murders that ensure (Seven ate Nine, you know).

Drawing talent has NOTHING to do with comics. So why aren't you drawing one?

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