The Mike Says...
Monday the 27th of April 2009
We all got to sit back during the fair and drank sparkling madness in a bottle while bathing in leather and metal consumerism. Everything was served on a stick; much with it's own brand of “You could make this at home, but it's here now.” I tried a beer I liked, bought a fedora in a medieval setting (as all fedoras should be bought), and spent a little more money than was healthy, ^_^ but sold prints and made a little money off of work I gotta do tomorrow.

The pre-party was pretty cool, too. Hung with friends, played Betrayal at the House on the Hill and dodged hell beasts. One hour of Fantasmagoria 2 later (I heard that Curtis!) and I slept like the business end of a porn star: Long, Hard, and Deep.

We Natchians had a good time with good booze and good company. Hope I can do that again someday.

Peace ouch.

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