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Wednesday the 22nd of April 2009
Are you going to Scarborough fair? If so, put a black spiral on the back of your hand. Wanna meet me before I show up to the fair Sunday? Email me with natchevil at

Unemployment sucks, tho I am not without income, mostly due to very awesome people who commission me. Go the shop working, but can you believe not a single purchase yet? At least the comic has been updated on schedule. Yay.

Meanwhile I have this weird fret in the back of my mind and every thyme I think about it, I start having a mini-panic attack (Mmmm...Thyme). I don't know what's happening or why. The only thing that makes it go away is either making a Knytt Stories level or drawing the comic. Creativity is my anti-worry device. Why is it so hard to make a living doing this?

I'm convinced I can make said living, but lack the knowledge. Wonder what strange secret lies behind the modern artist's eyes.

Peace ouch.

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