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Saturday the 18th of April 2009
ATTENTION! If you are going to Scarborough fair, contact me via natchevil at OR draw a black spiral on the back of your hand. I'll be in Dallas Fortworth all week end, but I'm going to the fair on Sunday Apr 26th and I wanna see Natchians there!

Last of the bonus comics. From here out, it's strictly 3 times a week, folks. Ah, don't cry. You can use the extra time to buy make up or training bras because obviously your a twelve year old girl. (no offense to actually twelve year old girls out there)

Mean time, I can use the extra time to stare blankly at Project Wonderful graphs, play X-Beyond the Frontier, and watch more Harper's Island than I care to speak of. <_< Oh, and that whole find a job so we can go bowling every Friday night. T_T As stated before, Natch isn't paying me enough to live off of. I must seek more conventional ways. Bleh.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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