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Saturday the 11th of April 2009

Bonus Comic Day! YAY!

So, I'm doing research on how to make it in a webcomic career, and there's a lot of information on technique. These people whip out their blue pencils and ink over it with micro 0.5 thickness pens on bristol board and ink with brush and Chinese ink. They got their poster board photocopied or scanned to 25% of there actual size, coloring with brushes and water colors/Oils/'s enough to start making a cartoonist feel inferior.

You there. Yeah, you, the dude reading this and worrying that you don't have the technique to draw comics. Let me tell you something. Since it's beginnings, Natch Evil has been penciled on 8.5 x 11 printer paper costing all of $5 for 500 sheets. The pencils are mechanical 0.7 Papermate disposable trash pencils (The kind you find for $2 a bag in Wal-Mart) They used to be scanned into a computer with a HP scanner running for $70 and inked with a Wacom tablet that ran for $40 used. Gimp is free.

I'm trying to say, don't be intimidated by the artist's tools. People draw on what they like to draw with for their own reasons. Would Natch Evil be better drawn on a full sized poster board on a $150 dollar art table with a $15 gel pen and a blue non-photocopy pencil? Probably not. Talent is not based on tools, it's based on using what you like and what you can afford.

Right now, my scanner is now this fancy Epson Photo-copier/Printer/Scanner thing. I miss my old HP scanner. About the only upgrade I REALLY have is this damn find Bamboo Tablet that Poet got me for X-mas. After five to six years, I'm still penciling Natch Evil on the fly on printer paper with throw away pencils. I usually script the story AS I'm penciling. Meh, it works for me. Maybe not for you. Doesn't matter since Talent isn't measured in technique. Honestly, I think it's measured in what you do with what you have.

Don't be intimidated, man. Just draw.

Peace ouch.

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