The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 8th of April 2009

Sorry, I finished the comic and uploaded it as fast as I could, but didn't update the comments. Bleh.

I was rushing the comic done done DONE as fast as my little tablet could go because yesterday I had an appointment to have a tooth pulled. I haven't have one pulled since grade school, so I didn't know how much it would mess me up. Ugh. Turns out I still have that to look forward too, seeing as I had an infection and they wouldn't pull the tooth yet. So, Antibodies for me, or at least until this absest gives way to fun non-hurting. Then the real pain begins after they pull the tooth.

Backlog here I come.

Meanwhile, I have set up the Shop page so it works properly! Now all I need is people interested enough to purchase from the Gift Chop. ^_^ Glee. I may be able to make a living doing my art after all. WHEEE!!!

Peace ouch, yo.

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