The Mike Says...
Monday the 30th of March 2009

Okay, okay. So, Poet and I talks a teary eyed talk. What it basically boiled down to is she said she's willing to support me until I can get my living off'a my art off the ground, as it were. You have no idea how much I love this woman, right now.

So, the plan goes on Still working on things like setting up a store, I'm going to be offering prints for...relatively cheap (at least in the US). The Sol Niger Comic is on it's way, and things are prety much looking up.

Um...I may have to break my unwritten rule to NOT have ads on my website. Money has become slightly more important than my ideals, but the Natch Evil Web Comic will always be free.

Wish me luck. If you wanna help and you don't have any money, spread the word. If nothing else, just read the comic. That's the whole reason I'm doing this.

Peace ouch, Natchians everywhere.

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