The Mike Says...
Saturday the 28th of March 2009

Here's a little bonus comic, 'cuase I know you've had it rough. And Here's a little bonus comment 'bout collecting real neat stuff.

K, as I write this, the anger of God rawrs outside in the form of a storm. Same could be said for my head. I've got the opportunity to do what I love and what I've planned all my life, or I could toss it away for the safer, more financially stable choice. Well, not toss it away, but put it on the side. The Logical side says the safer bet is all important and I come back to drawing for a living later, if there's time. O_O The Emotional side of me yells at how stupid that is and that I should stay the course, of course of course.

Ugh, this was so much easier when I didn't have the choice. I drew and knew that I needed too. Do what you love and the money's supposed to follow. Wanted to get in there, get my hands dirty, make mistakes, learn from them, become a better artist. Now I have to choose if I should do that, and the question is asked in such a way that not answering is a dissension I may not want to make.

AAAGH! I don't know if I should get a financially secure job or follow my dream. FUCK FUCK FUCK!

Ugh, I'll update you on this later.

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