The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 25th of March 2009

Network network network. Time to make some shameless plugs.

Key word being “Shameless,” which often bothered me. Shameless would imply that a normal person would be ashamed of plugging their work. That would imply, also, that their work is something to be ashamed of. Am I ashamed of my work here? Hells no, I'm not. Thus, Shameless.

Anywho, I'm just rambling. I poked a “Shameless” plug on some site today and it just got me thinking about the lack of shame I have for my website. If I'm ashamed of anything, it's not putting up the fan art and shop pages yet. *sigh* Seriously, I got some awesome fan art'ness in the past years, and I really need to put them up. Getting fan art is ALWAYS something to be proud of.

Welp, I'm done ranting. Peace Ouch, yo.

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