The Mike Says...
Friday the 20th of March 2009

So, I've been looking up what, exactly, a Mentalist is. Not really Magician. More like Con-Man for entertainment's sake. When watching the Magic Awards Wednesday I noticed my habit of picking apart each trick. Out of the 5 tricks I caught, I figured out 3 of them. Mentalist is a bit tougher to figure out because it requires a mixture of psychology and magic/style trickery.

Much of it, if you are paying attention, you can figure out on your own. Subtle use of subliminal messages and unconscious hints you can rewind a tape and point at. Some of it...not so much. Like hypnotism which, as far as I can tell, doesn't really exist in the sense that most view it as, still is hard to describe why it works, except that people want it to work.

“So I pull a woman on stage and put her under, but she only falls into a deep trance because she wants to.”

I think Mentalism is more of a expensive umbrella in which many types of psychological tricks and schemes fall under. It is NOT magic. But it dones require skill. Just knowledge.

Hmmm...anyway, I figured this was the best way to tell you I fucked your mother.


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