The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 18th of March 2009

*cracks knuckles* Oh yeah. All that writing in the background does a number on my fingers and wrist. Gotta take it easy on those. I mean, jesus, it's hard enough just to come up with something to write back there.

So, how are you guys do'n? Me? Oh, I'm okay. Bu what about you? The rigors of life on your stressed bones become too much today? Need to relax? May I suggest...<_< >_> <_< Accounting? Yeah, I know. It's weird, but, man, nothing will relax you more than accounting. You' be sleeping in minutes. Trust me.

I think this goes back to the whole “When Mike stresses out, he organizes” thing. That coupled with my need for money suddenly makes bookkeeping an intersting subject for me. Plus eventually, I'm going to be selling the Natch Comic. That'll mean a lot, too.

Well, my wrists are giving out, so, later, you all.

Peace ouch.

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