The Mike Says...
Sunday the 15th of March 2009
The following things are keeping me from drawing a comic today or tomorrow:
Shopping for food

A horrible tooth ache
Planing how to draw a comic three times a week
Planning how to exercise six times a week.
Planning on how to move to Baltimore in 179 days
Planning on finding a new and better job

I could lose my job and be forced to move prematurely having to sell all my shit quick quick QUICK and rarly see my family! The Shiz is falling down like poo rain and stress is everywhere I turn! And when I'm not stressed, I'm freaking out because there are a million things I should be worried about, like money issues, or the fact that we over spent and may not have the 1000$ buck nest egg we planned to use to move to Maryland! Where am I going to find time to draw?!?! What about penciling the rest of the story? I'm only on page 9! What about the donations?!?!! Commissions? I need commissions, but where am I going to find the time to do them? GAH! GAH! GAAAAAAAHHH!!!! K, I'm gonna take a break. Not for a week, just for a while so I can get my life back together. The bonus comic will show up next Saturday, this is just a place holder or something.


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