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Thursday the 12th of March 2009

So, I'm watching the Mentalist and it's GOOD! Jesus.

My friend Chuck and I have a rule with TV shows. Every one deserves one. That is, every show deserve one full episode of our time. This leads to some good and some bad, and some shows are really hard to give them their one. Everyone Loves Raymond, for example, I find very difficult to watch the whole way through. Some shows are easier, and Mystery shows happen to be my poison.

So, I gave the Mentalist it's one. O_O It's good. Now the thing about shows is I spot patterns in them. Generally, there's some kind of theme or formula governing the show. Some shows are harder to spot than others, but, yeah, there's a formula. CSI, for example, which is an awesome show, has specific patterns to when each scene plays, but latly it's been pretty good about changing things up. So far, in the Mentalist, I can't find a pattern. Seriously. It's got themes, but no formula I can see, just yet. No pattern.

Two more shows and I'll be caught up. If you see it on, you should give it a go. It's fun. I like it.

Anyway, Peace ouch, yo.

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