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Saturday the 28th of February 2009


Alright, we're going to play a game. It's called Natch Wants money for a Comic Book. Here's how we play:

If you donate monies to me OR commission a pic from me, for every 50$ mark I hit, I'll post a bonus comic on Saturday. Once I hit the 500$ mark, I can print out about 100 comic books of Sol Niger and start selling them. Who knows where THAT will lead. Someplace awesome, I hope.

To be fair, I'm also going to be donating, but only what I can afford. Since I'm working at the local Jack in the Box, that's not a lot. O_O But YOU! You can help Natch Evil become a litle more than a web-comic. It can be *gasp* an ACTUAL Comic. When the Sol Niger Comic comes out, they all will be signed and dated.

Wanna Donate? Click on the Donate Button. Wanna Commission? Email me @ natchevil at or get PM me on the forum.

Unfortunately, because of horrific SPAM attack, we arn't accepting new forum members, but Emon, our residential Web Monkey will fix that. *glares at Emon* WON'T he?

Thank Asym for this comic, BTW. He totally rocks. ^_^


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