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Friday the 27th of February 2009
So, I'm working on the Body Hunt game, again. For those of your that do not know, Body Hunt is the Natch Evil RPG.

I looked up and down at the rules, and, gee, it's not very Natch Evil. There are some major problems with it that I need to fix. Mainly (and this is sort of a weird thing) the deadliness of the game. Body Hunt is REDICULOUSLY deadly. One hit kills left and right. That's...nice, I guess, but kills the suspense. If your character dies in the first hour of game play, it's not so much interesting as it is frustrating. Also, PvP is completely out the window. If one player is play Jill and another is playing Saff, and Saff kills Jill in one hit, that asks the question “Why the hell play Jill?”

So I'm thinking about adding a mechanic called “Close Calls.” This'll allow the game to still be deadly, but when a hit is about to come, the player make yell out “Close Call” to allow them to escape relatively unharmed.

I've still got a lot of work if I'm going to revamp the entire system. Maybe this can be and actual Home Brew I can print up and every thing. ^_^

O_O Oh yeah. You're going to hate me. This is the last Saffron Story for a while. I'm starting the House that XXXX Built one Monday with the first page for Sacrum Particulae. ^_^; Sorry.

Peace Ouch.

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