The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 25th of February 2009
Ugh, Body For Life is killing me while making me better. Maybe I just don't understand how the intensity system works in the High-Point technique. Maybe I'm just lazy.

But I think Poet is suffering more from it. I'm used to throwing tires around at the factory job I want back, but she's not. She's used to standing and offering people jewelery. Don't think it doesn't have a toll to pay, this exercise. Getting into shape hurts.

At least the diet is going pretty well. Well...Until soon ish, when I have to go to work, and we don't really get a break for snake or anything. Gonna be hard getting my meal when I'm at the Drive through. I'll have to figure that part out.

More on all this later, as my typing hands hurt a little. Ugh.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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