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Monday the 23rd of February 2009
*rubs shoulder*
Poet and I just got started on our exercise program/diet. O_O Shoulder Extensions suck! But the food is good, surprisingly. It comes down to that thing that most people focus on when they say “Diet.”

For whatever reason, Diet has strayed from it's original meaning and come to be a selection of items you cannot eat. That's pretty engrossing, I think. I mean, it's basically playing a net proxy cutting out the IPs one by one. A Diet, tho, should be a matter of what you DO eat. Poet and I, we have a list.

It's actually a pretty big list. Not size wise. I mean, it fits neatly in half a page. It's cleverly vague enough to includes a wide variety, but thoughtful enough to strike out the unhealthy. Most importantly, I think this new diet has more to do with when you eat and how much than WHAT you eat.

It is now 4:09pm and I've eaten (technically) 4 meals. I have 2 more to go. I'm not really hungry, but I'm not suffering from a Food Coma, either. It's strangely satisfying. You know that point in the middle of the afternoon when your just sort of floating, and not thinking much about food. Yeah, it's like that.

To be fair, It's just our first day. Who KNOWS what's going to happen in the days?

Yeah. Huh...

Well, peace ouch, ya'll.

P.S. Body Hunt: I may start working on a new edition. I got so many ideas, now. *runs off giggling*

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