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Monday the 16th of February 2009
It's hard to see with the sleep in my eyes, and the only reason I'm wearing pants right now is because of the chill in the apartment. Over the weekend, Poet and I had a good time and we decided to move to Baltimore (note, I usually try to fake the name of the town that I'm going to be in, but nothing came to mind) and THAT caused all kinds of strange havoc in my family life, but all in all, even with the oncoming Body-For-Life diet that Poet and I are about to start, life is doing pretty good.

So why the hell does life suck right now? I mean, I got up this morning with no plan, and for once that was a devastation. Four minor failures on my part screwed up my life today, and none of them are important enough to merit a melt down. (I cracked a knuckle typing that just now. Weird.) It was stupid, you know. My sleepiness never really left me until I couldn't find my CVS card which wasn't even activated. Do you activate those things? My whole job this morning was to grab Poet's Automatic Teller Machine card and get about 20$ to buy hair dye with. I drove to CVS first and got out the the car when it hit me that I didn't have any money on me. So I drive to the ATM and it's down (for president's day? WTF?) God, and before I left I lurked on the forum to find Spam Spam and more Spam. Couldn't find a way for me to shut down registration without first having to authorize new registrations, but that wouldn't be necessary if Emon installed the thingy in the forum.

Damn it, my eyes hurt.

All these things are tiny, but I guess in the space of thirty minutes, it just tore me down, man. Now Poet's mad at me cause the first thing I declared when I got back home was I was gonna fall on the bed and spend the next seven hours there before I had to go to my dreaded job at the Drive Through. Ugh.

Know what I remembered over the weekend? I didn't make a Valentine's comic. F*%&$@!

Screw it, man. I'm shoving a snicker's down my throat-hole and going back to bed.

At least Ninja got all the muffins.

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