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Wednesday the 11th of February 2009
Today's comic brought to you by the computer reading me “Under the Andes,” by Rex Stout. It's very strange to experiences a book from a profoundly famous mystery writer, but hear a story based on science fiction more of the H.G. Wells variety. Very Odd.

So, the writing behind them speaks of an Abyss that we've all seen, but only some have bothered glancing over their shoulder at. And it bugs me, because this abyss is so very very vast to me.

I've always stood at the edge of the abyss between knowing what to do and doing it. Sometimes I can see tot eh other side, but to people like me, the abyss is as deep as space and as wide as heaven. It's a horrible leap, driven usually by fear or stress, but does it have to be this way? I can see, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the other side of the Abyss that I should wake up early to finish the comic. Most times, I do it. And Why?

There in lies the problem with most of us at the edge. We look down and ask why we should do anything. What's the purpose of our actions, and who's it for? It doesn't seem to matter, I suppose. We want to fly across the infinite to achieve our hobbies? Our plans? Our dreams? Spontaneous people don't have to worry about this abyss, just us.

*sigh* Once I find a proper way to fly across, I'll tell you. Until then, please enjoy this flying, seven-eyed God.

Peace ouch.

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