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Monday the 9th of February 2009
How does one get through a day at work, when you hate what you do?

See, that's a tough one. Especially since I don't really “hate” working at Jack in the Box, I just don't like being there. I don't know what it is that irks me about it. Maybe the fact that everything seem unstable when I'm there. Like I go to work, and things shift under my feet while there. At any moment the computers can go out, the stock can run dry, we run out of Ones in the drawer, or I suddenly find myself staying an hour longer because people won't show up on time.

I donno. It's just unpleasant.

But, isn't that the point of work?

Well, no. I've worked at a tire plant for a good long while, and did enjoy working there most of the time. I just found some thought to float on. No can do with this job. Also, JitB has some really nice people coming through the drive through, you know? I genuinely like some of them and wish I didn't have to shove them through at 2.5 minutes an order just to catch up.

Well, I'll work on it.

Peace ouch, yo.

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