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Saturday the 7th of February 2009
O_O God help me.

A long time ago, when the oceans drank the mystery pyramids of Japan, and the birth of George Burns was Nygh, I played a game called Fate, by Wild Tangents. It was extremely addictive.

And now, I feel the calling. The call to set the difficulty to Legeand and try to make it to the 45th level of dungeon.

Mostly, this is due to the new version that came out, Fate: Undiscovered Realms. I noted to Poet, when passing it by at Wally-World, that I used to play that, and I bet she'de like it to. O_O And then she started playing...

So, now the damn 'Puter game sucked me in again. God help all who are caught in it's grasp, for the dungeon is deep, and I've a long way to go. ^_^ Plus, Poet's like, Level 12, now, and I gotta catch up!

Now here's a Vid about Donations.

Note that I don't Advertise, but I still think you pay by reading. Everyone you recruit ALSO makes the Natchian Nation bigger. ^_^ Neek.

Peace ouch, yo.

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