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Thursday the 29th of January 2009
Tho, Jet IS losing weight!

Anyway, so I FINALY got a good virtual table top program to start my horrible RPG fetish all over again. ^_^ I'm sure it's not hard to find some people to RP with now that I got Gametable 2.0, BUT no one is really interested in MBBS, the game I've been working on for 10 years. Now that I'm talking RPG again, people are talking Body Hunt.

<_< Well, I need more time to make a game to test with MBBS anyway, I suppose, so Fine. I'll start up another Body Hunt. 9_9 When WAS the last Body Hunt? I can't remember. Hmmm...

It's going to be tough, Too. I just got my copy of Left 4 Dead in the mail, and Baby, it works GREAT! The rusted blood splatter against a pock-marked wall nearly had me fapping at the strawberry gore on my simple, yet unpowerful machine. Guess I gotta start somewhere.

In the mean time, I'll polish up MBBS. Body Hunts, thankfully, don't take all that much to plan. Sort of.

Peace ouch, yo.

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