The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 27th of January 2009
It would appear that I'm surrounded my a massive and oncoming ice storm of such intensity that it froze my car door shut twice in two hours. That's right. I had to employ my pocket knife for the use of chipping away ice from my car so I could get inside. I then went to work at Jack in the Box, but busyness was so slow that I was made to go home early. Grr. I left my employers, where I worked for a full two hours, to find ice all over my pitiful horseless carriage, again encrusted with ice.

As I write this, we fear the power line shall be taken down by the heaviness of the frost. Poet and I checked on my automobile to find it not only solid in frozen H2O, but completely impervious to our advances inside without the use of tools. It's going to be a tough freeze and I may not be able to update again until the storm passes. I'm told by the local weatherman that may be for three days.

Thank God I have a Gas heater.

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