The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 21st of January 2009
Fly, graceful petal
Touch the surface of the sky
Where lightning dances


So, here I am again, shrugging off the humility of fast food living with reverb brushing pass my ears. I just read a book called Idiot's Guide to Working Less and Earning more. Real page turner. It brings to mind all the financial woes that you and I endure, I suppose, and how I can make money off of comic. Hmmm...Not sure. Thought about writing a couple of books, specifically the Jormungandr project I had, which would be fall too difficult to write as a comic...hmmm...

Meanwhile, Obama is in office and supposedly going to fix the future with the past. Everyone was just glad to see Bush leave office. Still not out of the proverbial storm. Going to have to watch more Avatar before we're done.

Trust me, it'll cheer us up.

*hops on Appa and flies off*

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