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Wednesday the 14th of January 2009
So, I finally found my long lost MBBS notebook (MBBS, to you new folks, being the RPG I've been working on for 10'ish years) and man, now I can't stop thinking about it and the design choices I've made. The trouble with it all is I get that “I could make it better” feeling I get, but ultimatly, all I'm trying to do is boil down a combat system which, after all, is what MBBS is all about. Slowly, I'm hammering out a design for the engine that I can present, and then, I figure, I'll add a world and Items and such later.

Looking through my extensive notebook, I see that I've gone up in Version. I'm now at ver 4.3, after changing the stats around a little bit and simplifying the magic system...sort of. Right now, it's a weird cross between Talisman and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. That's right, it's practically a board game, (one's that only a small population have ever heard of), but with no you count the grid rules, which I'll include as optional. Hmmm...

Anyway, once I get the engine out and about, I should post it on the forum or some junk, then it's up to everyone who's interested to help fill out the details. I'm just working on the basics. You'll see what I mean.

That's enough for now. Here's a video that made me laugh louder than usual.

Peace Ouch.

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