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Thursday the 18th of December 2008
Yes yes, I know I'm late...Like three days late or whatever. Blame it on the Game.

So we were talking about MBBS, right? Well, as it stands, anytime you need to make a roll in MBBS based on one of your main stats (Might, Agility, Knowledge, Willpower, or Health) OR you need to make an Attack or Defense roll, you roll 1 ten-sided die and follow the Rule of One and Ten, then add the appropriate stat. What is the rule of One and Ten?

Rule Of One and Ten (R.O.O.T.): Every time you roll a 1, you subtract ten from your roll and roll again. Every time you roll a Ten, you Add ten to your roll and roll again. This does mean you can roll a one, then a Ten and end up with the same number you just left.

In Combat, you are allowed to make an Action and then move, or Move then make an action, but never make an action in the middle of moving or vice versa. One action you can take is attacking. To attack, you add your Might to what ever attack or Might bonuses you have then roll a d10. The target must defend by adding Agility to any defense bonuses he has and add a d10. Who every rolls highest wins, Defender wins tie rolls. What ever the damage of your weapon is, amusing you hit, is subtracted (temporarily) from the target's Health. (This means if they must make a health roll for something, they always roll their current health.)

With Ranged Weapon Attacks, subtract 1 from the attack roll for every meter between the attacker and the target.

Finlay, if Health ever reaches 0 or lower, that character is knocked unconscious (or dead, if the Game Master feels evil).

More on Items and such next update. Peace.

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