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Saturday the 13th of December 2008

Right, so there are 5 Stats in MBBS 4.3, Might, Agility, Knowledge, Willpower, and Health. To begin, you start at Level 1 and split 27 points between your five stats, nothing under 1 nor over 10. After that, write down your level (1) and your experience (0).

Might is used for Physical Attacks, Agility for Physical Defense, Knowledge for Magical Defense, and Will for Magical Attacks. Fianly Health is your number of Hit Points. You pick one weapon: A sword does 2 Damage, Twin Daggers does only 1 Damage, but you can attack twice, Axes do 3 Damg, but with a -4 to hit, and a WK-3 Revolver is a long range weapon that does 2 Damage and gets a + 3 to attack, but you only start with 12 bullets (the revolver starts hold 6 rounds before you must spend a turn reloading).

You don't start with any accessories, but to give you an idea, you may only wear 2 Accessories at a time and they general raise your Stats while you wear them. Armor, for example, raises your Health, while Gloves raise your Might. A Top hat raise your knowledge and so on.

Combat Rules next time.

Peace Ouch.

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