The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 9th of December 2008
Work at Jack in the Box I've never worked a fry ver. Of fast food, only Subway. Damn. When you see someone who works at McDonalds or something, you salute that person, cuz we go WAY fast, man. WAY fast. I'm usualy dizzy after lunch rush, screaming “Where am I? What year is this? Who's the President?

Meanwhile, a small number of you guys got to see the comic being made Live. I figured a way out to share my desktop while I'm drawing. Actualy DJKID did, and she's awesome for showing it. I may do it again, but only 2 people get to watch at a time. That's bunk. Maybe later, I'll pay them or something for the service so all you's guys can watch at the same time. Like a live showing or some shit. Donno. ^_^ It was fun with an audience, consisting of One Goss and Two Teasarras. Weird. Peace ouch, y'all.

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