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Saturday the 6th of December 2008
Well, boy howdy, I am enjoying the hell outta mah' new jobs, yo! at Jack in the Box in Down Town Varkmore.

K, here's the deal, I needed a job, and this one looks pretty good, but to you guys that say food service is at the bottom of the later, however right you may be, it is NOT easy and relaxed. Jesus, this place gets hyperactive sometimes. I mean, I'm not up to speed yet, but the guys around me criss cross and near-miss more often than a WWII dog fight. I'm just running the register and I'm dodge people much faster than I getting food delivered on time. Damn.

Meanwhile, it means, YAY! I have an income...sort of, and I come home trying to establish a routine of comic drawing and shiz'nick. Dude! I even was able to get out this comic before the legal week's end! Three comics a week. Now let's see if I can get a back log. ^_^

Any of you guys want a Jumbo Jack with Cheese and Seasoned curly fries? Get in line.

Peace Ouch, Yo.

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