The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 26th of November 2008
Okay, finally getting the hang of this “Application to apply for a Job” thing. Let's see if I can keep it up. WOO!

Meanwhile, more comics coming your way? Maybe. I'm trying to figure out things, like special stuff for donations. Things like offering a desktop image to anyone who donates anyamount of money. Of course, I'm still taking commissions. (You can do like Goss did and just give me money asking about what kind of picture it'll get you). Also, one of my fan's suggested this, and I like it: for every $40 buck I get in donations (not commission) I'll go ahead and give you guys an extra comic in a week. That's collected Donations, not just one.

Right now, Donations are at $10, so $30 to go until the extra comic.

If you'll excuse me, I now have to drop my application off at the local Jack In the Box.

Peace ouch, yo.

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