The Mike Says...
Monday the 24th of November 2008
During these hard times, when the economy is going down hill and I'm never sure if I can live for the next month due to the lack of monies and job openings. When Bush has started a whole mess of awful in the middle east and a hundred nations hate my country. When the sky is falling and the lava is flowing and the world is spinning into the super-nova sun as the galactic dragon swallows up the Milky way and God takes a piss on the universe, all reality is bending in on itself and screaming nothingness awaits on the other side of life, the universe, and everything. Even now, as it looks like everything identifiable as a noun is coming to an end, it's good to know there are still lesbian dominatrices.

Thank Jehovah for Chanta Rose.

That is all.

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