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Friday the 21st of November 2008
Another day passes by with no one to notice. The strange lethargy of unemployment is beginning to wash over me, and it's an interesting fight to stay active. Anyone else notice this? As if, our natural state was immobility.

Doesn't seem fair. Or at least, not to me. I should be active. Waking up each morning with a renewed energy to go out and do awesome stuff. Yeah! To make me a comic, then start dropping my resume into store after store after warehouse and flooding the whole town of Varkmore with the words I'm Mike Fucking Rojas, and I'm ready to make me some monies!

Le sigh, I suppose. The complication is this unemployment insurance, which seems more like a job than anything else. That's odd. I guess someone screwed up in the past and we're all paying for it. More importantly, it feels like I'm suddenly under employment again, but this time with out the joy of having a job. What the heck?

Best thing to do, I think, it to think of the Unemployment as a hobby, rather than a job. It really feels like it's in the way between me and the many awesome thing I could to for work out there.

Why's life gotta be so gosh darn complicated?

BTW, the previous comic is all colored and shiz-nick.

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