The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 19th of November 2008
Black and White again, at least for now. You know I'm going to clean it up, don't you?

So, today's distraction was me honestly going out and applying for work in new places for new jobs doing new dish washing. *sigh* But, at least it's money, and honestly, if I can get money off of it, I'll do it.

The looking-for-a-new-job shtick I've been up to lately is truly humbling and stressful in ways I'm really not used to. It's been more than a year since I had to do it last, and more than 7 years when I had to do it before. It's just not something I make a habbit of, you know? Now a days, job-hunting has become everyone's paradox of a career. I wish it was just me looking about for work. I know it's not, and I know you're doing it too. At least we can suffer together...right? Right?

What do you mean you've already found a job? Doing what? Damn, wish I could do that. Say, do you have a couch? Mind if I spend the night? No no no, I didn't use payperview. I figured it was free. You gonna finish those Funions? Listen, I gotta go and color this comic and play Fallout.


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