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Friday the 14th of November 2008
You may notice something different that you can't put your finger quite on. Hmmm...Maybe Grim looks a little different than usual. Did Seedlet cut her hair? Oh, and there's no color. :P

Why not? Well, mostly because I got Fallout 3 for my birthday. T_T Sorry.

Anyway, I'd have done this sooner and gotten color and all that, but I was filling out unemployment. It's strange that filling out one simple document online is such a stressful thing. There isn't a whole lot of difficulty to it, nor physical manipulation, yet it remains a painful process and I have no idea why. It's like my pride hurts a little, and I can physically feel it. Weird. Oh, and I got a Resume done and all sorts of stuff done today that wasn't the comic. *sigh* I had planned to do this on Monday, but Poet insisted this be done today.

And I played Fallout 3.

Come the weekend, I'll endeavor to add color and such. In the meantime, enjoy this simple inking. I'm wondering if I should always just do the inking. Hmmm...

Edit: Color added, yo.

Peace ouch.

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