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Sunday the 9th of November 2008
Welp, today is my first day of unemployment, and I'll tell you, it really doesn't feel all that different. I know I should be stressing over not having a job and needing unemployment and all that. I still have some wrapping up to do with my previous work-place-thingy, but I'm honestly just thinking about the comic, now. I figure, I'll treat Natch as a job.

So, over the next week, I'm gonna get this place ship shape. Yeah, I was thinking about doing one comic a day, but you gotta understand, these comic pages now take about 4 hours to finish, and I'm not just making money off the comic. Trying to see what I can do to make monies, you know?

What surprises me, actually, is how well Poet is taking all this, since she is literally my bread winner of the house, now. I mean, I'm basically leaning on her and her job. Hmmm....Well, maybe she trusts me. I hope. I pray.

Mom was a bit worried, as mom's are, saying that these economical times are a bad period to try to make money off art. Can't argue with that, but I have a strange faith in my fans and in my brain that over comes my fear and my back up plans are good. ... As...are...kitties.

Anyway, the comic is back up to three times a week, at least for this week, and I hope that's enough for you beautifu Natchians. I want this to work and if you want to see something like a daily comic output for Natch Evil, spread the word or donate. I could use all the help I can get for this project. Worse comes to worse, tho, the comic will still be free and I'll just be doing one page a week. The site is renewed and I don't have to worry about it until July '09

Time will tell.

Peace ouch, yo.

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