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Wednesday the 29th of October 2008
Boy howdy, it's getting pretty close in here.

Word in the grape vine is I'm going to be jobless in about two weeks. True to form, the ompany I work for isn't going to tell us mere work force. Highly-Larious. So I guess I'm looking for a new job sooner than I thought. Le Sigh. Really, it's not just a sign of the times (the poor poor times) it's a sign of the company.

Am I worried? Meh, I don't do worry. Poet, on the other hand, is freaking out. She's never had to live on here own off'a diddily-squat like I have, so I kind of understand, but I can't realy think of a way to calm her down...just yet. See, it sparks up a nasty little cycle that I've already dealt with, where you get depressed, so in order to make yourself feel better, you go out and by something, but you don't have the money (the source of your depression) and you get more depressed.

The answer?

Well, I thought that was obvious. Focus on what's important.

We take so much for granted, these days. We like our cable TV and our computer games. Our McDonald's and our newly released Hollywood movies. Dead Space is coming out as is the Get Smart DVD. Heck, it's Halloween and I need a different costume from last year. But honestly, all I need is some paper and a pencil. I see things in simpler forms, I guess. I asked Poet if it's unusual that I can just shrug things off and get back to work, and she said “Yeah.” I don't understand why other people can't do the same.

I'll admit, it's a little awkward, my job giving ME two weeks notice...well, really my friends telling me two weeks ahead that my job won't be there is sort of notice. Point being, I'm not worried. I'll figure it out. I always do.

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